How to take ownership of your Video Gallery & download your videos

Im going to try keep this as short and simple as possible. We’ve all watched those tutorial videos on Youtube where you have to get through 5 minutes of rambling about irrelevant rubbish before you get to what you actually need to know. If you do have any issues with any of the steps below, please do contact me!


Step 1:

Please click on the link to open your Online HD Video Gallery, On the top right hand corner you should see a icon that looks like a cloud with a down arrow in, please click it:

Step 2:

Click add to my library. This lets you take ownership of your Online HD Video Gallery:

Step 3:

Make a FREE account

Step 4:

Repeat Step 1, This time, Click Download Videos

Step 5:

Click on each video and download all of your videos

Thats it!

You now have ownership of your Online Hd Video Gallery, you can access it through the link I have given you or you can go to log into your free account and find it there!


I highly recommend

I highly recommend that you keep a safe hard copy of your videos, you can buy a hard drive and put them on that as well as your computer, Just as a back up, you dont want to loose your videos!

This is a great USB stick and I use them all the time, its a good option to keep your videos on:


If you get stuck or run into any issues, please do contact me.

[email protected]     |     07506121157


I wish you both all the best, and thank you for choosing Ed Bray Films as your wedding videographer.