Ed Bray Films Cinematic Wedding Videography

Robyn & Charlie

August 6, 2021

Real Weddings

The Teaser:

The Highlight:

The Feature Film:

The Ceremony:

The Speeches:

The First Dance & Father, Daughter Dance:

Download Links:

The Teaser – https://vimeo.com/edbrayfilms/download/605011604/7554ce5716

The Highlight – https://vimeo.com/edbrayfilms/download/652630533/810dc5b4a6

The Feature Film – https://vimeo.com/edbrayfilms/download/652499490/7bcbecdd70

The Ceremony – https://vimeo.com/edbrayfilms/download/652248481/40d119793b

The Speeches – https://vimeo.com/edbrayfilms/download/652245952/bd96c3263c

The First Dance & Father, Daughter Dance – https://vimeo.com/edbrayfilms/download/652258195/33d6513960