Sophie & Jules

January 31, 2020

Real Weddings

Kenwick Park Hotel

Why did you choose Kenwick Park Hotel?

We chose Kenwick Park because of its scenery. The large gardens, the long driveways, the vast arrange of greenery and the beautiful building it is.It also had the capacity for an outdoor ceremony which unfortunately we couldn’t have but OMG the indoor ceremony was so much more beautiful and intimate than we could’ve imagined.We loved that the venue had a public and private area for the day and our part of the hotel was secluded away from everyone else. We had the ability to make the venue as personalised a possible for us which a main selling point for us having a winter wonderland theme.The Bridal Suite was luxurious and spacious.

What tips do you have to couples getting married?

Ensure the Bride gets ready first, don’t do what others expect you to do & don’t try and please everyone. It’s YOUR wedding. Have a sweetheart table so that you can enjoy your new married status together for a short whole during the day. Nerves are natural, but think, what is there to be nervous about? Expect things to go not as planned!

How did you both meet?

We met as friends in our younger years which developed into being the best of friends for many years. This friendship then blossomed into romance and we are living happily ever after.

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