Carrie & Graham

November 29, 2019

Real Weddings

The Pittersfield, Cambridge

How did you both meet?

It was a classic story of of meeting at work – through a great group of friends including our MC Ollie. Graham organised our first date as London Tourists, wearing ‘I <3 London’ T-Shirts and visiting Ice Bar and Mr Ripleys – super cheesy but the most fun!

What tips do you have for couples getting married?

Create a day that represents you. People may have their opinions & concerns but they’ll have a wonderful time on the day knowing you’re happy & you’ve chosen perfectly for you as a couple.

Why did you choose The Petersfield & The Chop House?

After having our daughter, we decided we wanted to get married surrounded by all our friends and family but didn’t want to spend a fortune or organise anything too traditional or formal. We always wanted a pub wedding. Carrie is from Cambridge & our family home is in Cambridgeshire so Shire Hall registry office was the obvious & simple choice! The Chop House stood out for lunch as we love the food and we liked the idea of being able to walk down the hill with our wedding party, plus it had some Scottish touches which catered to Graham’s heritage! That part of Cambridge is beautiful to capture some city wedding photos on the bridge too. Finally, The Petersfield for the big party. A great location near the station, outstanding food & a brilliant drinks menu as well as super accommodating & friendly staff – not your ‘usual’ wedding venue, simply a classic corner boozer that agreed to cater 120 wedding guests!

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